SolidFists NFT
2 min readJan 18, 2022

First-of-its-kind platform, SolidFists is a collection of fist NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain created to benefit activism causes around the world.

Recognising that the word NFT is yet to be fully understood by many, SolidFists has set out to make it accessible to all straddling the NFT and crypto world, as well as the real world. Embracing activism, charitable donations and community, these are NFTs with a difference.

The newly developed off-chain generated collection “collectibles” of NFT’s, provides a platform to facilitate advocacy for individuals passionate about a variety of causes, whilst remaining impartial and fair to all involved.

SolidFists is also dedicated to being a vehicle for sponsorship and donations to causes decided by the SolidFists community itself. A portion of all sales will be reserved to give away, furthering the vision of the project becoming globally recognised and adopted, whilst simultaneously being the first change-maker NFT project.

Ali Dastrandj, CEO at SolidFists commented:

“I believe that blockchain technology has set a precedent for the future. Thus, our fast evolving world needs more and more social awareness and each individual must have the possibility to have their voice heard. This is the fundamental vision of SolidFists.

Supported Causes:
Climate Lovers
Blockchain Believer
Children's Aid
Women's Rights
Human & Equal Rights
Animal Rights

Launch Information:
Collection of 2.7k PixelFists NFT (Utility Token): 30th January 2022
Collection of 6.6k SolidFists NFT: 13th March 2022




SolidFists NFT

Change-makers in NFT’s, a long-term activism-driven NFT project, consisting of 9 main drops over a period of 2–3 years. Join with your utility token: PixelFists